Saturday, 31 October 2009



  1. This isn't the sort of genre I like to read. So I don't like it. You have talent though and the writing is good and the construction is good. I dislike the long hyphens; I prefer to use a semi colon for a pause. I went through my novel and took nearly all the hyphens out; after I started proof reading it. A lot of writers use quotes too much and from what I've read you have avoided that mistake. I haven't read enough to judge whether you got the characterisation right. It is important that readers can remember the main characters and the first chapters should be about characterisation.

    The general layout and formatting is very good too. I use references to real events and some psychology in my writing and that is difficult to do with pure fiction. One of my friends is writing a fantasy where things magically happen; I tried to persuade him to use a little science to make things happen and less magic; just to make it more believable to his teenage audience. Making the characters come alive or dead in your case; is difficult.

    Good luck with your writing, you are doing it for the most important reason of all; you enjoy it!


  2. Thank you, Mike. I really appreciate you stopping by to comment! Helen