Saturday, 31 October 2009

COPYRIGHT NOTICE - © 2009 This is a work of fiction and is copyrighted by Helen Taft. All rights reserved.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Thank you to Nike Johnston for being my grammar saviour. You’re a heroine for agreeing to copy edit this novel for me and it is hugely appreciated. I owe you big time xx.

Note (1) Gehenna is the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew word (Gehinom/Gehinnom). It was this word(s) that the gospel writers used in the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures of the New Testament, and was later translated into the English word, ‘Hell’. In modern Judaism, Gehenna is more a Purgatory-type place.

Note (2) As did C S Lewis in the foreword of ‘The Great Divorce’, I just want to state that this story is not meant to make anyone rethink their beliefs regarding Hell (Or Gehenna), or anything else.

Note (3) The summary and premise probably make this clear, but just so no one can say they weren't warned--this story contains biblical, Christian themes as well as paranormal ones. If you are vehemently secular then this story may not be for you.

Note (4) The story is free for anyone to read and is suitable for readers of 13 years or over. I write for the love of it, and because I enjoy entertaining people. A BIG part of that is knowing my readers are enjoying my efforts, so I'm always thrilled to receive comments. Please feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or email me at (Please title your email 'Gehenna' so I know it's not spam). Thank you!