Thursday, 22 July 2010



  1. No, no..! Must see the shoot-out! :)
    Have a great holiday!

  2. I'm trying, Jason, honest! If the muse keeps up and holiday prep doesn't get in the way, I may get one more chapter done first :-)

  3. AHHHHH, *Shakes fists in the air* Gabriel is horrible!!!! Poor Ruth, I am sure Michael can heal her if he has time, yet I am sure you are not going to kill Gabriel off just yet, are you? In my mind the death of GAbriel signals the beginning of the end, like just a few chapters to go, I could be wrong I guess. I didn't find any typos in this chapter, yay! I hope you have a great holiday and I will be waiting anxiously for your and the stories return ;)


  4. Don't sweat it Helen. Have an awesome time in Paris. I was just there last month. Fabulous!

  5. Amy - I totally agree. Gabriel is horrible. I love that you're thinking ahead though :-) though I can't say one way or another--don't want to spoil you.:-P Thank you so much for the comment, typo check and wished for my hols!

    Jason - LOL I know. But typically just when my attention is needed elsewhere my muse is revving *facepalm* We're off to a village between Bergerac and Bordeaux. We're praying for sun. The north of England has been awash with rain recently!