Saturday, 3 July 2010



  1. Ooo, hacking secret files! What will they find...? Another excellent chapter. And Megiddo is just a fantastic conceptual creation. Love it.

  2. Thanks, Jason! I was worried was hopping around too much. I'm chuffed you liked Meggido! Helen

  3. Woo-hoo, I am so glad to have had a new chapter to read. I love it that they are both waking up to their mutual desire for the other.
    OK, so what I saw that needs editing is the first sentence of the last paragraph before the first chapter break 'Any relief AS losing her unwelcome "gift"...' and the first sentence after said chapter break " ..shuttle transpo.. ".
    Love it and can't wait for 15!!!


  4. Thank you, Amy! I've fixed that wayward typo, but shuttle tranpo was deliberate, LOL. It's my sci-fi background coming out in that most folks in the genre always use 'transpo' as slang for transport. Still ,it may be best not to use slang not recognised by everyone. I will give it some thought.:-)

    I'm so glad you're liking the way things are shaping, and thank you once again for the comment--so appreciated! Helen XX

  5. i can't wait for more updates!
    love this story :)

  6. I'm thrilled you're enjoying the story! Thank you, Lilianne for the lovely comment! I'm hoping to get chapter 15 up before I go to France for a family holiday in August. I will do my very best. :-)

  7. Discovered Purgatory on, loved it, followed the links here - and am very much enjoying! For what it's worth from a Random Person On The Internet, I think this is definitely worth polishing into publication. I might even be willing to sacrifice the right to see the rest online if that would help it to get a deal in print...

  8. Random persons opinions are definately worth a lot:) Thanks so much for posting, Mouse! I'm so, so glad you're enjoying Gehenna (and enjoyed Purgatory enough to follow a link). Not to mention chuffed about the publication compliment. I blame my fanfiction background. I've been spoiled and prefer to interact with my readers on my own terms. Not to mention I'm pragmatic on the chances of publication being next to nil :P.

    Thank you again, and I hope you continue to enjoy Gehenna! Helen X